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A thriller in parts: the University of Münster, the University of Bonn, the Campo Santo Teutonico and what else belongs to it

The priest Johannes Quasten (1900-1987) of the diocess Münster had to go into exile in America during the National Socialist era and was lucky to receive a professorship in patrology at the Catholic University of America in Washington. (The "half-arian" Hubert Jedin had also applied for this professorship, while Erik Peterson had turned it down). Quasten then became famous for publishing the text edition "Ancient Christian Writers" and the so-called Quasten Patrology, a three-volume handbook on the Church Fathers, which contributed to the reputation of the young American university.

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On the occasion of the 124th General Assembly of the Görres Society in Aachen 2022, the Historical Society for the Diocese of Aachen or Frank Pohle has compiled a booklet with biographies of seven Aachen historians: Alfred von Reumont, Alfons Bellesheim, Ludwig Pastor, Joseph Hansen, Friedrich Lauchert, Franz Baeumker and Erwin Gatz.

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Dr Marco Aimone from Vercelli, a member of the RIGG, has published an impressive study on the predecessor church of today's Vercelli Cathedral. The volume is the first, exemplary and now authoritative study of the early Christian and medieval church of Sant'Eusebio in Vercelli, northern Italy, and at the same time a fundamental contribution to the cultural and ecclesiastical history of the city in the first Christian centuries.

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After 20, on the whole even 30 years of planning and work - with the transition from typewriter to PC! - the legendary Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft published by Beck-Verlag has published the double volume 6,1-2 on the golden age of Latin patristics. When the volume was launched in 2020, 10 contributors had died in the meantime, including two of the three editors.

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On 16 May, after 40 years of teaching at the Pontifical Institute for Christian Archaeology, Prof. Philippe Pergola, who celebrates his 70th birthday on 1 June, held his Ultima lectio on "Topografia cristiana, archeologia sul campo - Discorso del metodo e plaidoyer per un approccio globale diacronico e contestualizzato". In this context, he was presented with a handsome commemorative publication.

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