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The Polish journalist and Vaticanist Wlodzimierz Redzioch is one of the most ardent supporters of the Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI Study Library, to which he regularly donates Polish books or translations, including most recently the Polish editions of Benedict XVI's "What is Christianity. A Spiritual Testament" and Georg Gänswein "Nothing but the Truth. My Life at the Side of Benedict XVI".


Johannes Schidelko, for 26 years head of the Community Office of the German-speaking Catholic News Agencies in Rome, member of the RIGG and also familiar with the Campo Santo Teutonico as an organist, has published a paperback on the background and processes of the recent Curia reform.

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Daniel Hohrath, Ansgar Reiß, Priscilla Pfannmüller and Sarah M. Lorenz - the latter two members of the RIGG - have presented a richly illustrated study of a showpiece of the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt: the Grand Vizier's Tent - an Ottoman sleeping tent from the "Turkish Spoils" of Elector Max II. Emanuel from the year 1687.

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In 2008, an exhibition was held at the Museo Centrale del Risorgimento with exhibits from the historical archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The catalogue volume in question has now been published by Mons. Mauro Ugolini to the library of the Campo Santo. The volume stands out for its extraordinary illustrations, in which documents are reproduced that are otherwise hard to see.

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Franz Weidemann, a parish priest in the Dortmund-Mitte who comes from Upper Silesia, received his doctorate in Wroclaw in 2004 with a thesis on "The life and pastoral work of Archbishop DDr Johannes Dyba, Bishop of Fulda (1983-2000)". In 2020, he drew Dyba's "spiritual silhouette" in a small volume.

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The book on the art decoration of the old church of the Campo Santo Teutonico, published by Herder as a supplementary volume of the Römische Quartalschrift, is presented here in the Benedict XVI Library of the Campo Santo Teutonico. Thanks go to Nikolas Möller for the technical realisation of the video.

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The thesis "Election and Miracles: Papal Electoral Law and Papal Electoral Practice in the 17th Century" was submitted by Kevin Hecken as a dissertation to Prof. Dr. Birgit Emich at the Historical Seminar of the Goethe University in Frankfurt a.M. in June 2021. It will appear as the 70th supplementary volume of the Römische Quartalschrift. Hecken has been a research assistant at the Institute for Legal and Constitutional History at the University of Vienna since 2022.


Dr Alexandra Mütel, archivist and art historian in Basel, archivist and art historian in Basel, married to Matthias Mütel, has published her dissertation on Allegory in Roman Baroque Sculpture, written in Rome in 2011-2015. She has thus contributed an extremely valuable book to the interpretation and better understanding of the Baroque statues that look at you on every corner of Rome. Worth reading not only for art historians but also for interested visitors to Rome!

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