Dieter Desczyk in Berlin has published a book on "Bridges and Saints". With its drawings it is a small rarity, there is nothing comparable. "Message": The bridge has something transcendent (crossing over) in the truest sense of the word, but also in the symbolic: over dangers from one world to another, and in this the saints are accompanying intercessors and true pontifices.



  • The Bridge in Myths and Fairy Tales of Antiquity
  • The Bridge in Myth and Superstition of the Christian Occident
  • The bridge as building and construction
  • Politics and economics influence bridge building
  • Financing of construction and erhatl
  • The bridge and the city
  • The bridge in front of the city - Regensburg
  • The bridge in the city - Erfurt
  • The Church of the Saints and bridges
  • Individual representations: Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, France, Spain, Portugal, England