On 16 May, after 40 years of teaching at the Pontifical Institute for Christian Archaeology, Prof. Philippe Pergola, who celebrates his 70th birthday on 1 June, held his Ultima lectio on "Topografia cristiana, archeologia sul campo - Discorso del metodo e plaidoyer per un approccio globale diacronico e contestualizzato". In this context, he was presented with a handsome commemorative publication.

The Miscellanea "Topographia christiana universi mundi - Studi in onore di Philippe Pergola" was edited by Gabriele Castiglia and Carlo dell'Osso. It contains contributions from all colleagues and numerous students of the honoured. In addition, there is a complete bibliography and an appreciation of his accademic and archaeological life's work by Federico Guidobaldi. Indexes open up the contents of the 700-page volume.

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