Roman Notes

Highlights from the cultural world of Rome

Roman Notes

Deadline: 7 novembre

The Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology offers courses in Christian Epigraphy and Exercises in Epigraphy, which enable students to read and interpret ancient and medieval Christian epigraphs. The courses, taught by Prof. Giuseppe Falzone on Wednesdays at 11.30 a.m. or Fridays at 8.30 and 9.30 a.m., are aimed at all those who work as tourist guides or work in museums or simply want to follow the lessons as "auditors".

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Deadline: 7. November

The Pontifical Institute for Christian Archaeology is again offering 3 different courses or formats in Christian Archaeology for guest students:

  • Corso speciale di iniziazione alle antichità cristiane (Nov.-March; 300,-). This is an introductory course in Christian Archaeology (each Saturday morning) with site and church visits..
  • Diplomi di specializzazione (Nov.-June):  Archeologia Cristiana di Roma (9 ECTS, 900,-) or "Parola e Immagini" (6 ECTS; 600,-). These are the lectures of the professors Fiocchi Nicolai, Brandt, Spera, Proverbio and/or dell'Osso.

From 20 to 23 September, the 12th National Congress of Christian Archaeology will take place at the three universities of Rome. It is a marathon with over 100 speakers over three days. May the fastest one win!


As part of their annual meeting, the two Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI Disciples' Circles are organising a public symposium on the teachings of the Church in Rome on Saturday, 24 September. The speakers will be Card. Kurt Koch (Rome), Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer (Regensburg), Markus Graulich (Rome), Uwe Michael Lang (London) and Helmut Moll (Cologne).


STUDy library JOSEPH RATZINGEr at Campo Santo teutonico

In July, t4he Austrian Dr Christine Grafinger, a member of the RIGG from 2011 to 2018 while working at the Vatican Library, was admitted to the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences. This international body of about 30 scholars meets once a year in Rome. This includes former RIGG member Emilia Hrabovec and current RIGG members Elisabeth Kieven and Antal Molnár.

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The Last Supper, the Eucarist, was initially celebrated in the cool evening, but very soon alternatively in the early morning, in any case never in the heat of midday. Now we understand why. Christianity is a Mediterranean religion, so the warm climate plays a role.

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