From a letter written by Hubert Jedin to the Rector of the Campo Santo Teutonico Bernhard Hanssler on 10 April 1974:

"Prof. Weisengoff (Biblician) writes that he will retire next year as professor at De Paul University/Chicago and then go to the Ukrainian Seminary in Connecticut; he is collaborating on the new (United) Ukrainian liturgy, in agreement with (and probably also on behalf of) Slipyi, who was also at Campo Santo. I met him there (about 1927/8) when he was already rector of the Ukrainian seminary in Lviv; his membership in the college is not mentioned by David."

Baltimore-born, German-born American and exegesis professor John Weisengoff (born 1909) was at Campo Santo Teutonico from 1934 to 1938, when Jedin was also there.

The famous Josyp Slipyi, Archbishop of Lviv since 1944, Grand Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Cardinal since 1965, suffered under both the Naizis and the communists and Western understanders of communism. He died in exile in Rome in 1984. The fact that he lived as a young priest under Rector Emmerich David at the German College acm Campo Santo Teutonico in 1927/28 is possibly attested here for the first time. Jedin was already at Campo Santo Teutonico at that time. Slipyi had studied in Innsbruck and spoke German.

Jedin mentions neither Slipyi nor Weisengoff in his "Lebensbericht". However, he possibly mentions them in his diary.

PS: The study day on 28 October on Augustin Theiner, Prefect of the Papal Secret Archives, will also deal with his relations with Ukraine (with the Ruthenians).