Datum: 2023-10-28
Ort: Campo Santo Teutonico

The famous and controversial archivist of the Holy See Augustin Theiner (1804-1874), who will have the 150th anniversary of his death next year, has a special connection with Campo Santo Teutonico, as he not only belonged, since 1838, to the Archconfraternity but also found his grave in the German cemetery. Theiner was an opponent of the dogma of infallibility.

Dr Ignacio García Lascurain Bernstorff invites you to a study day that will shed light on the rather unknown sides of the great scholar, such as his close ties to Ukraine (to the "Ruthenians"), which deserves special attention right now. The study day will be held in cooperation and consultation with Luca Carboni, the "keeper" of the "Carte Theiner" in the Vatican Archives, who is preparing an anthology on Theiner.

Those interested are cordially invited.