The exhibition "Bronzo & Oro. Roma, Papa Innocenzo III: racconto immersivo di un capolavoro" in the Vittoriano (Piazza Venezia) will be open with free admission at the Vittoriano, in the Sala Zanardelli, until Sunday 1 October 2023.

"Bronze & Gold. Rome, Pope Innocent III: An Immersive Tale of a Masterpiece" focuses on the Lunette of the Nicchia dei Palli, an extraordinary artefact of medieval goldsmithing in gilded bronze and, at the same time, the most important surviving work of art connected with the figure of Pope Innocent III (1198-1216). The lunette, made by craftsmen from Limoges who were residing in Rome at the time, was most likely originally intended for the Constantinian basilica of St. Peter's in the Vatican. Having survived the demolition of the original basilica, the work came to Palazzo Venezia, where it can still be found today.

The lunette is the fulcrum around which "Bronzo & Oro" intends to reconstruct and narrate, the figure of Innocent III, a pope capable of conditioning the entire Middle Ages, as demonstrated among other things by his relationship with St. Francis, and also to better understand the layout of the ancient basilica of St. Peter's, on this occasion restored through immersive reality. The exhibition is curated by Alessandro Tomei, former professor of Medieval Art History at the University of Chieti