Roman Notes

Highlights from the cultural world of Rome

Roman Notes

The Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra is celebrating the 6th Open Day of the Catacombs with many offers, namely in Callisto, Priscilla, Marcellino e Pietro, Pancrazio, Domitilla and Sebastiano.


On 19 March at 10 am, Bishop Dr Bertram Meier of Augsburg will inaugurate the new Rector at Campo Santo Teutonico. The new rector is the former curate of the Anima, Konrad Bestle, priest of the Diocese of Augsburg. He is the ninth rector since the foundation of the Priests' College in 1876, after Anton de Waal, Emmerich David, Hermann Maria Stoeckle, August Schuchert, Emil Gugumus, Bernhard Hanssler, Erwin Gatz and Hans-Peter Fischer.


On the occasion of the seventh centenary of Dante Alighieri's death (1321-2021), an online exhibition is being organised; it features manuscripts, printed books, engravings and medals preserved at the Library.n.


Prof. Dr. Rainald Becker (Munich) will speak on "The Geschwister Scholl - Christians in Opposition to Hitler" at the German Embassy to the Holy See in conjunction with the Hanns Seidel Foundation on 23 February. This is an event with invited guests. Becker has already lectured several times at the RIGG (for ex. at the conference Päpstlichkeit und Patriotismus).

Every year during Lent, the Christians of Rome maintain the tradition of the station services, which originally took place with the participation of the popes. The Collegium Cultorum Martyrum, founded on 2 February 1879 at the Campo Santo Teutonico (see on Adolf Hytrek in: Personenlexikon zur Christlichen Archäologie), tries to maintain this tradition and publishes the calendar for this year as well. From the 7th century until the last liturgical reform, the Roman station churches were in the missal (cf. U. M. Lang, The Roman Mass), after which they were deleted for the universal Church.  

the calendar

Dr Matthias Ambros, Professor at the Canonical Faculty of the Gregorian University in Rome, and Joachim Hake, Director of the Catholic Academy in Berlin and Chairman of the Leadership Circle of the 24 Catholic Academies in Germany, were appointed Consultors of the Dicastery for Culture and Education on 18 February. Hake belongs to the Görres Society, Ambros also to the Roman Institute of the Görres Society. Hake will give the Görres Lecture in Rome on 25 February.

On 9-10 February, a conference on Pius XII from 1939 to 1958 (the year of his death) will be held at the Belgian Academy and the Netherlands Institute. The conference will make a first assessment of the files that are now freely accessible up to 1958. Among others, Johan Ickx will speak.