There is no end to the celebrations in Rome. On 22-23 January, a conference will be held in the Vatican Museums to mark the 200th anniversary of the death of Ercole Consalvi (1757-1824). It is being organised by the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences, which is now under the direction of Marek Inglot SJ.

Consalvi - as Cardinal Secretary of State - is one of the most influential figures in papal history since 1800, when above all the relations between the Papal States and revolutionary France had to be redefined. Consalvi played a decisive role in the Congress of Vienna and thus in the reactionary restoration of the Papal States and papal church regiment.

The conference will focus on four main topics: "Da Consalvi al 'Consalvismo'", "Il governo della Chiesa e dello Stato", "La diplomazia tra Europa e America" and "Le politiche culturali".