The German Archaeological Institute in Rome, which has continued its operations in various emergency shelters over the past 10 years, has recently been able to move back into its old headquarters in Via Sardegna in the Ludovisi district. The opening ceremony took place on 6 February.

It is thanks to the Federal Republic of Germany that the DAI has not only been able to continue its operations over the last few years, but also that researchers can now return to their familiar rooms and have all the necessary study resources at their disposal again. After all, the institute's library and photo library are unique and indispensable.

The institute will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2029.

It is a little known fact that Georg Graf von Hertling, the first president of the Görres Society, was inspired by the Instituto di correspondenza archeologica, the predecessor of the DAI, to found the Roman Institute of the Görres Society, which was already decided in 1884 and realised in 1888, when he himself spent a year in Rome in 1865-1866 and established contact with the archaeologists.

On the occasion of the current reopening of the DAI, several excellent documentaries with rich historical images have been published:

Das Deutsche Archäologische Institut Rom - Standorte, Bauten und Städtebaulicher Kontext im Wandel der Zeit

Das Deutsche Archäologische Institut. Eine 190-jährige Geschichte