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Once again this year, the Roman Institute of the Görres Society has an Advent calendar. Every day, you can open a door on our Instagram page, behind which a researcher associated with our Institute or a research project is hidden. As every year, you can also win attractive prizes this year. And this is how it works:

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Marcus Junkelmann is certainly the best-known experimental archaeologist and Rome researcher in Germany. In his latest book "Gladiators - The Reality Behind the Legend" he gives us the pleasure of depicting a member of the RIGG taking part in his "games" three times. Here is a sample "After the dignitaries come the ladies of the society and say prayers in chorus to Nemesis and other deities". Who is it?s?


The practical landscape-format pocket calendar of all the institutions of the Campo Santo Teutonico - in silver embossing - has been produced again after all. If you would like to have the 2023 calendar, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If sent by post, a donation is requested.

Avv. Dr. Domenico Musso obtained his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Law and Comparative Law from the University of Teramo, after having been a Visiting Scholar at the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA), an LL.M. at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C., USA), and a law degree from LUMSA in Rome, where he also obtained a Master's degree in Law and Management of Public Services, and a specialisation certificate in Vatican Tax and Financial Law.

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On the Feast of All Saints (1 November) at 5 pm, the traditional All Saints' Vespers will take place on the Campo Santo, followed by a candlelight procession and the blessing of graves. Six of the eight (nine) directors of the Roman Institute of the Görres Society lie in the cemetery: Kirsch, Ehses, Stoeckle, Kirschbaum, Voelkl and Gatz.

Gallery of the directors

Since her dissertation (Marburg 1982) on the tomb paintings of Tarquinia, supervised by Professor Bernard Andreae, the classical archaeologist Prof. Dr. Cornelia Weber-Lehmann has devoted herself to researching Etruscan art and its documentation and reception. The photo shows her on a sunny spring day preparing a 3D image of the famous Tomba dell'Orco in Tarquinia (4th century BC).

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Mons. Dr. Federico Gallo is Ordinary Doctor of the Ambrosian Library and Ordinary Canon of Milan Cathedral. He holds a degree in Classical Literature (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), a degree in Palaeography and Archivism and a degree in Greek Palaeography (Vatican Secret Archives). He is a Doctor of Letters (PhD) (Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem, Budapest).

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The General Assembly in Aachen went very well overall, both in terms of content and organisation. Since the founding of the Görres Society in 1876, the General Assembly has not only been a kind of trans-disciplinary congress at which lectures are held in the science sections, but has also always been associated with an accumulation of meetings of the various bodies - above all the Board of Directors, Section Heads and the Finance Committee.

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The Klerusblatt - Journal of the Catholic Clergy in Bavaria and the Palatinate (published by the Klerusverband e.V., editor Dr. Gerhard Deißenböck), brings in No. 8-9 of 15 August 2022 an article by Stefan Heid on the Roman Institute of the Görres Society - Society with New Perspectives.

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