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The Foundation for the Promotion of the Roman Institute of the Görres Society with an endowment of 350,000 is located at the Foundation Centre Fundraising of the Archdiocese of Cologne. In the offices there, the Institute floats at the top of the foundation cloud (foto). The Foundation Centre also advises on the planning of bequests for the benefit of the Roman Institute.

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Dr Ignacio García has created the 400th post on the RIGG's Instagram channel "rigg1888". The channel does not so much inform about the Institute as - every two days - about new impressions and events from the Roman history, intellectual and art world. It combines this with many clever and often remote hints as well as practical tips.


Every year around Easter, the Roman Institute of the Görres Society publishes and sends out a detailed, illustrated annual report. However, the report is already available as a PDF and can be viewed and downloaded here:

annual report 2022

Gwendolyn Straubhaar (*1995 in Binningen, Switzerland) is studying Classical Archaeology and European Art History at the University of Heidelberg. After an academic year at the Università La Sapienza, she is currently writing a master's thesis in the field of spolia research in Rome.

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Dr Adrian Bremenkamp studied art history, philosophy and classical archaeology in Berlin and Paris and completed his studies in 2011 with a thesis on the iconography and function of the Bethlehemite infanticide in 15th century Sienese altarpiece painting. Between 2008 and 2010 he supervised the exhibition project fake or feint - six scenarios on tactical markings, funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds in Berlin.

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In 1976 the College of Campo Santo Teutonico celebrated its centenary. Rector Erwin Gatz, just in office, invited German-speaking church historians to a conference at the end of October, among them naturally a great many (if not all) Görresians, headed by Hubert Jedin. On 30 October, Pope Paul VI received the church historians in a private audience and presented the College with a valuable facsimile.

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Francesca Paola Massara is Professor of Christian Archaeology and Christian Art and Iconography at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Sicily 'S. Giovanni ev.' in Palermo, where she has also held the position of Library Director since 2009.
She has been Director of the Diocesan Museum of Mazara del Vallo since 2008.

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Nicolas Stark, resident at the German College (as can be seen from the background of the picture), is studying Protestant theology for a pastoral ministry in Munich. The study programme of the Centro Melantone takes him to Rome for an academic year on his study path. His main interests lie in the 'mysterious workshop of God' and he is already looking forward to the coming exchange at RIGG.

Brother Adam (Raphael) Bergmann, OFM, was born on 24 December 1991 in Wels, Austria, where he graduated from a humanistic secondary school in 2010 and then did his civilian service. He completed his theology studies with stays in Germany and Israel with a diploma thesis on the tradition-historical connection of early Jewish literature (apocalyptic) and the preaching of Jesus as it is handed down in the Synoptic Gospels at the Catholic Theological Faculty with Prof. Dr. Christoph Heil in Graz.

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