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Datum: 2023-06-08
Ort: San Gioivanni a Porta Latina

On Thursday, 8 June from 6 p.m., the Roman Institute of the Görres Society will celebrate its annual summer festival in San Giovanni a Porta Latina (Via di Porta Latina 17). It will begin with Holy Mass in the church, followed by a cheerful picnic in the monastery garden of the Rosminians, directly on the Aurelian city wall.

Who wants to participate is kindly asked to contact - for the picknick - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Franz Malzl (* 1998 in Baden, Austria) studied at the University of Vienna. There he has completed a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Catholic Religious Education and a Diploma in Catholic Theology. He is currently studying at the Pontificia Università Gregoriana. There he is working on a licentiate thesis in Dogmatic Theology.

In his second webinar lecture on 17 January, Stefan Heid spoke about the beginnings of the Roman Institute of the Görres Society, which was founded in 1888. The main focus was on the working methods and the research topics. The long-term projects started at that time were the edition of the nunciature files, the history of papal finance in the 14th century and the edition of the acts of the Council of Trent.


The RIGG's YouTube channel, which has been running since December 2020, has seen a sharp increase in viewers. The number of subscribers increased from 48 to 81. Currently, the channel has 4 categories (playlists): General (4), Lectures at RIGG (9), Lectures from the Cult of the People conference (6) and Book Reviews (8). Last year the films were viewed 4,157 times, in 2021 only 1,531 times. Subscribe to our channel!


The Roman Institute of the Görres Society continues to grow in the second year of the Corona Crisis. Last year, the number of members rose from 229 to 241, 179 of them men and 62 women. Although 32 new members were recruited, the growth rate remained lower due to departures, resignations and deaths. The society of Görres as a whole also grew, by 34 members to 2840 members.

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The Roman Institute has continuously increased its membership share of the entire Görres Society within 12 years from 2.47 % to now 8.49 %, although the membership of the entire Görres Society is growing again (2021: 2,806). The strongest section of the Görres Society in terms of numbers is History. Most of the new members of the Roman Institute also join this section.

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Stefan Scheer (* 1958 in Regensburg) spent most of his professional life in northern Italy on Lake Maggiore, where he worked for the European Commission's research centre. Now that he is retired, he is also stuck there.

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Dr Martin Barth, Secretary General of the Görres Society, sends his Christmas wishes to the Roman Institute with heartfelt words of thanks "for the excellent cooperation both in the bureaucratic and, more importantly, in the content", referring in particular to the visit of the Young Forum in Rome and the webinars. All of our thanks go back from the Tiber to the River Rhein!

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