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The Leibiz Science Campus is organising five public lectures in Mainz and Frankfurt in the winter semester 2022/23. Panagiotis Agapitos, Isabel Grimm-Stadelmann, Jutta Dresken-Weiland, Eckhard Wirbelauer, Dimiter Angelov and Sitta von Reden will speak.


One of the most user-friendly German archives is the Bundesarchiv Koblenz, which digitises individual holdings on request (INVENIO search programme). Recently, parts of the estate of Georg Graf von Hertling (1843-1919) were put online. Hertling founded the "Görres-Gesellschaft zur Pflege der Wissenschaft im katholischen Deutschland" (Görres Society for the Cultivation of Science in Catholic Germany) in Koblenz in 1876 (which is why the General Assembly will be held there in 2026 on the occasion of its 150th anniversary). Hertling was last Bavarian Prime Minister and German Chancellor - the first Catholic chancellor.

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At the conference "Hubert Jedin - Storico del Concilio, cittadino di Trento", Matteo Fadini and Laura di Fabio referred to Jedin's estate in the Fondazione Bruno Kessler-Bibliotheca. This estate includes both his library (about 5000 volumes) and manuscripts and correspondence, which are accessible to the public and are currently being inventoried. It is a substantial Jedin estate alongside that in the Commission for Contemporary History in Bonn. 

See all the speakers of the conference on Youtube: 13 October - 14 October

Prof. Chiara Cecalupo (Rome/Madrid), a member of the RIGG, has been conducting a major research project on the rediscovery of the Roman catacombs in the 19th/20th century as a European cultural phenomenon. In this short video, for example, she talks about the catacomb postcards that were used for innovative advertising work at the time. Cecalupo also has her own website. 

Youtube Chiara Cecalupo

On 10 October, the second workshop on the Hippolytus statue, initiated by Dr András Handl, will take place in the foyer of the Vatican Library in Leuven and online. The statue is of outstanding importance because of the Greek literature and Easter lists on the cheeks of the chair. It is also piquant that a man's head was placed on the female statue. Therefore, the restoration of the headless statue in the Renaissance is also to be researched .


The exhibition runs until 12 February in the Hildesheim Cathedral Museum.  The church treasures of Europe and the Hildesheim cathedral treasury (UNESCO World Heritage) contain numerous works of art from regions influenced by Islam. Based on these objects, the large special exhibition in the Hildesheim Cathedral Museum will show the similarities and interconnections between the cultures.ulturen aufgezeigt. The printhouse Schnell & Steiner has published a splendid catalogue of the exhibition.

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