Datum: 2023-11-23
Ort: Campo Santo Teutonico (Vatikan)

Change of three lectures: Fra Emmanuel Rousseau speaks on Friday at 9.30, Gianfranco Armando on Thursday at 14.20 and Dr. Federica G. Giordani on Thursday at 15.30.

In honour of Prof. Dr Johannes Grohe - in anticipation of his 70th birthday - an international conference on "Archives of monasteries and religious orders from the Middle Ages to the present: between administration, authority of knowledge and historical research / Les archives des ordres religieux du Moyen Age à nos jours: entre administration, autorité du savoir et science historique" will be held at the RIGG. The organisers are Dr Jörg Voigt (Hanover), RIGG's Medieval Desk Officer, and Dr Augustin Laffay OP (Rome), Director of the General Archives of the Dominicans.

Concept of the conference

Archives provide the most important working basis for source-based historical research - they secure and make accessible the written tradition. With regard to the provenance of the oldest and most extensive holdings in the state archives, it should be noted that they primarily contain the archival records of those monasteries which - with regard to Western Europe - were first transferred to sovereign jurisdiction in the course of the Reformation, the French Revolution and secularisation and then to state jurisdiction in the course of the 19th century.

In addition, there are also archives that have often been part of still existing ecclesiastical institutions for centuries; they express the lines of development as well as the ideas of order and values of the monasteries and religious orders. The importance of the archives of ecclesiastical institutions, which cannot be overestimated, is well known in historiography, but has not been given the attention it deserves and has hardly been researched.

This is where the conference would like to start and take a look at the archives of monasteries and religious orders in a cross-national comparison as well as on the basis of exemplary case studies, whose tradition offers a great contribution to the stock of knowledge since the Middle Ages and which are still places of knowledge today. The performance of the monastery and order administrations and the claim to power reflected in them, as well as the ecclesiastical and scientific self-image, will be questioned on the one hand against the background of their context of origin; on the other hand, the continuities and caesurae that the archival holdings of dissolved monasteries exhibit will be addressed.

To know

In principle, participation is free of charge. Registration is requested. For all questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Travel subsidies can be provided for students from abroad who wish to attend.

Organiser: Dr. Jörg Voig (Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv, Hannover), Dr. Augustin Laffay OP (Archivum Generale Ordinis Praedicatorum, Rome)  
Time and location: 23-25 November 2023 at the Roman Institute of the Görres Society at the Campo Santo Teutonico (Vatican) 



Archive der Klöster und Orden vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart: zwischen Verwaltung, Wissensautorität und historischer Forschung

Les archives des ordres religieux du Moyen Age à nos jours: entre administration, autorité du savoir et science historique


14.00 Uhr   Grußworte und Einführung

                   Augustin Laffay (Rom) / Jörg Voigt (Hannover)

SEKTION I: Kontinuitäten und Zäsuren - Archivbestände geistlicher Institutionen in Frankreich, Italien und im deutschsprachigen Raum

                  Moderation: Augustin Laffay (Rom)

14.20 Uhr  Gianfranco Armando (Rom)

                 Da Napoleone al regno d'Italia. Le travagliate vicende degli archivi dei Regolari in Italia


15.00 Uhr  Pause

15.30 Uhr  Federica G. Giordani (Rom)

                Le fonti dell'Archivio Vaticano per la storia degli Ordini religiosi: tipi di fondi e piste di ricerca

16.10 Uhr   Jörg Voigt (Hannover)

                 Zwischen Reformation und Säkularisation - Die Ordensarchive im deutschsprachigen Raum

16.50 Uhr  Pause

SEKTION II: Archive im Dienst der Ordenspolitik und -verwaltung

                   Moderation: Jörg Voigt (Hannover)

17.20 Uhr  Alejandro López Ribao OP (Rom)

                 L'archivio non come fonte ma come istoria. Una proposta sulla storia dell'archivio generale dell'ordine dei Predicatori nel XVIII secolo

18.00 Uhr  Bernhard Huber (Wien)

                 Zentralisierung und Streubestände. Zur Archivgeschichte des Deutschen Ordens im 19. Jahrhundert

18.40 Uhr  Bernard Joassart SJ (Brüssel)

                 La constitution d'un fonds d'archives au service d'une mission ecclésiale: les "Acta Sanctorum"

SEKTION III: Die Entwicklung der Ordensarchive als Orte der Forschung

                   Moderation: Johan Ickx (Rom)

9.30 Uhr    Fra Emmanuel Rousseau (Rom)

                  Un regard sur la situation des archives des ordres religieux dans les services publics d'archives en France 

10.10 Uhr  Augustin Laffay OP (Rom)

                Les archives de la Curie générale de l'Ordre des Dominicains

10. 50 Uhr Pause

11.20 Uhr   Nicola Gadaleta (Rom)
                 Il fondo "Monasteri soppressi" e la Puglia. Riflessioni intorno agli archivi degli Ordini religiosi nel Mezzogiorno continentale d'Italia

12.00 Uhr   Sabine Schratz OP (Rom)

                 Die Archive der Glaubenskongregation und der Generalkurie des Dominikanerordens: Möglichkeiten der Erforschung von Ordenspolitik und Ordensmilieu im 20. Jahrhundert am Beispiel des Falles "Gerald Vann OP (1906-1963"

12.40 Uhr   Mittagspause

SEKTION IV: Die Archive der Orden und geistlichen Institutionen und ihre Funktion für die Forschung in Gegenwart und Zukunft

                   Moderation: Viliam Stefan Dóci (Rom)

14.30 Uhr   Gerald Hirtner (Salzburg)
                  1200 Jahre stiftsarchivische Überlieferung im 21. Jahrhundert - das Beispiel des Archivs der Erzabtei St. Peter in Salzburg

15.10 Uhr   Ignacio García Lascurain Bernstorff (Potsdam/Regensburg)

                  Zum Forschungspotential von Ordensarchiven - das Privatarchiv des Großpriorats des Malteserordens in Venedig

15.50 Uhr   Pause

16.20 Uhr   Georg Vogeler (Graz)

                  Stabilitas Loci? Virtuelle Ordensarchive am Beispiel von Monasterium.net

17.00 Uhr   Tangi Cavalin / Nathalie Viet-Depaule (Paris)

                  Le "Dictionnaire biographique des frères precheurs. Dominicains des provinces francaises (XIXe-XXe siècles)". Les archives au service de la prosopographie


18.30 Uhr   Mariano Dell'Omo OSB (Montecassino)

                  San Benedetto e la sua Regola - Sui fondamenti scritti del monachesimo occidentale come riflessi negli archivi (e nelle bibliotheche) monastici