Bullettino vaticano del 10 novembre 2023:

The Rectors and Principals of the six Pontifical Academic Institutions administratively dependent on the Holy See (Pontifical Lateran University, Pontifical Urbanian University, Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology, Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Pontifical Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for the Sciences of Marriage and the Family)

together with representatives of the Secretariat of State, the Dicastery for Evangelisation / Section for First Evangelisation and the New Particular Churches, the Dicastery for Communication, the Secretariat for the Economy, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, AVEPRO and some experts have opened a working table which, on the Holy Father's mandate, is coordinated by the Dicastery for Culture and Education. The aim is to work out together a new model of cooperation and synergy, capable of meeting the Church's current and future challenges in the field of their academic activity. Encouraged by the joint analysis of the identity of the different institutions, the working group met on 12 September 2023 and on 8 November 2023.