Papstwahlrecht und Papstwahlpraxis im 17. Jahrhundert

Kevin Hecken | 2023

70 Supplement of the Römische Quartalschrift

Every time a new pope is elected in Rome, new images are created that attract the world's attention for a short time. However, as decidedly public as the announcement of the new pope is, the process that leads to his election within the walls of the Apostolic Palace is just as inaccessible: The things that happen in the conclave are hermetically sealed off from the public and for this very reason are always the subject of popular imagination. Based on previously untapped sources from the Vatican archives, this volume presents the political inner workings, the micro-politics of the conclave and describes the techniques by which the cardinals of the 17th century managed to fulfil the complex demands that the papal election placed on its actors, especially in that century of radical upheaval: namely to ensure both the all-too-secular success of a political personnel decision and the theological expectations of divine intervention in the election process.

Editor: Herder, Freiburg i.Br. 2023

464 pages

ISBN: 978-3-451-39571-0