Stefan Heid / Markus Schmidt (edd.) | 2022

Der Volksgedanke in den liturgischen Bewegungen und Reformen. Eine ökumenische Revision

What is the role of the "people" in the liturgy? The Catholic and Protestant liturgical movements are not unencumbered by zeitgeist currents. On the Catholic side, their liturgical reform drive culminated in the Second Vatican Council and its consequences, on the Protestant side in the agendas of the 1950s up to the Protestant Service Book of 1999/2020.

"Cult of the People" draws comparisons in a double confessional perspective and asks critical questions. To what extent has a general, not necessarily Christian zeitgeist been expressed in the political-social tendencies towards national-folkish thought since Romanticism? Is it possible that this apparently irresistible zeitgeist was also the brown zeitgeist? What references are there to National Socialism? The concept of Volk proves to be flexible and adaptable enough to be used in divergent political contexts and under different theological auspices to this day.

Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 2022, 1. Auflage


518 pp., 60 ill.

ISBN: 978-3-534-40730-9