The Bavarian-Czech national exhibition "Baroque: Bavaria and Bohemia" runs at the House of Bavarian History in Regensburg from 10 May to 3 October.

It begins with the tragedy of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648). Bavaria is one of the major players, conquers Bohemia for the Habsburg Emperor and wins the Electorship. Bavaria is a war zone for decades and in the end is one of the losers. After the catastrophe, the focus is on reconstruction. It finds its form in the Baroque - in Bohemia as in Bavaria.

A common cultural area emerges from the devastation: there is a building boom in both countries. The Baroque is celebrated. With more than 150 high-ranking originals, mainly from both countries, the Bavarian-Czech State Exhibition in Regensburg and Prague conveys the diversity and richness of an era of great passions, of abysses and illusions, heaven and hell.