Following various archaeological explorations carried out by the Franciscan conventuals in the important early Christian Church of the Twelve Apostles, the redesigned altar area, which allows a view of the early Christian altar, will be presented on 1 December at 4 pm (until 6 pm).

Speakers will include representatives from various heritage authorities and professors: Silvio Screpanti, Antonio Tedeschi, Danila Barsottini, Giandomenico Spinola, Fra Simone Schiavone, Alessandra Guiglia and Olof Brandt.

The church was built in the 6th century under Byzantine rule, specifically under Narses, the general of Emperor Justinian.

The altar is extraordinarily richly decorated and was used to house the relics of the original titular saints, the apostles Philip and James. A kind of Byzantine double apostolicity - alongside St Peter and St Paul - is thus staged here in the heart of Rome.