According to unconfirmed sources, the French Trappists are currently leaving their monastery in Frattocchie, located on the Via Appia Nuova in front of Castel Gandolfo. The monastery is said to be up for sale.

The Trappists (di Nostra Signora del Santissimo Sacramento) originally came from the Mont-des-Cats Abbey in northern France because Leo XIII wanted them at the Callist Catacomb on the Via Appia. They arrived there in 1884 and served as custodians and pilgrim guides until a dispute arose in 1922. They argued about the amount of money the Trappists were allowed to keep from the pilgrim groups. Finally, in 1929, they were replaced by the Salesians and moved to Frattocchie.

The Trappists were already producing their famous chocolate at the Callixt Catacomb. The PIAC wanted to make a trip to Frattocchie for the feast of Pope Damasus and taste the chocolates, but unfortunately it is now too late.