The private trip of the lecturers and staff of the Pontifical Institute for Christian Archaeology to Reichenstein Castle on the Rhine near Bingen was a delight thanks to the sunny weather, the perfect organisation by Courtial Reisen, the hospitality of the owner of the castle, Lambert Lensing-Wolff, a descendant of Nikolaus Kirsch-Puricelli, and the competent guides by Dr Albrecht Weiland.

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Reichenstein Castle is of special significance to the PIAC because the founder of the archaeological institute, the Luxembourg prelate Johann Peter Kirsch, who opened in 1925, spent every summer there. His brother Nikolaus Kirsch had married the heavily wealthy Olga Puricelli, so that he was able to buy and rebuild the castle ruins around 1900. Since then, it has remained almost unchanged to this day, but is now a wonderful hotel with extensive grounds and a magnificent view over the Middle Rhine.

For the historical Puricelli charitable foundations in Rheinböllen in Hunsrück, which still exist today, see here.